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New here ^-^

Hi, I dunno if I'm allowed to post or anything but I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Lillith and I'm a 13 year old lolita living in MO. I'm glad I was able to find a comm and I hope to make some friends ^-^ I joined the Facebook group, and I look forward to being apart of this community and making new friends ;u; Sorry if I wasn't supposed to post or I broke a rule ;O;
So, Saturday, November 5th, I'm hoping to be free of work with the Army for the weekend if not the day. I was hoping to go to the Overton Park Bead Renaissance Fair. I'd like some companions and it would be massive fun to go in Lolita. I could always use some new beads.

If this doesn't work out or if there is a sooner date in October after the 12th that anyone would like to meet up. I'd totally be up for it.

(Yet Another) Intro Post!

Hello, everyone! I'm so pleased to know that this community is active! I would absolutely love to meet all of you and make some Loli friends. :'D

Well, let's see...typical introduction post time! My name is Hannah, I'm 20, and I've lived in Kansas all my life! XD I'm currently living in Wichita and going to school full time. :3

I've been very interested in Lolita fashion for several years, but I tend to only wear it for special occations as my closet is still rather small. Besides Lolita fashion, I'm also very interested in animals, arts and crafts, and games. :D

I hear that this community is much more active on Facebook. For the longest time, I didn't...actually...have an account. XD' But now I do! So I've sent a request to join there, as well.

So I hope to meet many of you in the future! <3

Fashion Shows

So, I was in a Fashion show this weekend for a shop where we all wore Lolita. Video Below:

What I was wondering is:

1. Do any of you sew and if sew (haha pun) is there some kind of crafty fair or fashion show we could take part in as a group to promote Lolita? I sew a pretty good skirt. I've only tried dresses twice and both were okay but only one was superb. I'm aiming to make more. I know I'd like to show off my skills somehow.

August and September Events


I would like to remind everyone that Motaku is coming up this August 19-21 (18 days left) at the Holiday Inn Coco Key Water Resort hotel in Independence, MO. I will be going and I hope to see you all there.

For those who are not planning to go to Motaku and/or live in Wichita, there is a lolita meetup that is happening on August 20 in Wichita. You have to be a member of the 'Flair for Frills' community in order to view the meetup but it is a great alternative for those looking for something to do. The link for all the Kansas/Missouri communities is here: http://kansaslolitas.livejournal.com/18349.html

Motaku: http://motaku.org/


I would like to know if anyone is planning to go to the Kansas City Japan Fest on September 24? I might be going since it looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun as stated from the website and it's only $10 for the entire day. This would be my first time attending if I don't plan on attending Otaku Omaha.

Oh, that reminds me, Otaku Omaha (a one-day anime convention/gathering) is happening on the same day as KC Japan Fest, if anyone wants to attend an alternative, yet similar-styled, event. The convention only costs $25 to attend.

KC Japan Fest: http://www.kcjapanfestival.com/
Otaku Omaha: http://www.otakuomaha.com/

Bonjour tout le monde!

I'm J. Lohmeyer, I'm not new to Lolita but I'm going to be new to Kansas come October/November. I'm in the U.S. Army and my first duty station is set to be at Fort Riley. I don't know much about Kansas, nor am I super happy to be stationed there but I suppose wherever there is Lolita, I can be happy. ^_^ I hope to make it to meetups and have a blast when I can! As it's my first duty station, I don't really know what I'll be doing or what my schedule will be like. If there is anyone in that area, I'd love to have any sort of meetup come November!