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Just Like to Say Hello

Hello everyone.  I am very new to lolita and live in the Kansas City area.  I found this community and was so happy to know that there seem to be things to do here.  I'm a little embarrassed but very interested in the lolita fashion.  I don't want to trick anyone so I need all to know I am a male.  I hope this doesn't scare anyone I am very kind and helpful when given the opportunity but, I dont' want to disrupt everyone else's fun by showing up for a meet-up or other event and by me being there cause trouble.

I'm very anxious to make new friends and interested in hearing from all of you.



Lolitas Of Kansas Go Rollerskating!

Date & Time: Sunday, June 26 · 7:30am - 9:30pm
Location: Carousel Skate Center
Cost: $4 Each Person
More Info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=221646847853588



 Are there any Lolita communities in Ukraine?

International Lolita Day

Is anyone planning anything for International Lolita Day, which is June 4th? 
Well, I guess this is an "introduction" post but I'm more interested in asking questions. I'll be moving to Kansas (initially to Lawrence but probably more permanently in Olathe) next month and I'd like to see if there are active lolita communities there. The last time I moved was to Michigan in 2008 and truly, the only real friends I made there (and the best people I met, period) were the lolitas there, who were a small but united bunch, all pretty great. So I was wondering if I may get that lucky this time, too.

However, as is best evidenced by my OWN absence on LJ since... 2009? practically, I'm pretty sure LJ is no longer the preferred form of contact here. Facebook seems to be the best answer, but for a moderated community, I don't know if my application will even be accepted since my current and school locations all list Arizona (so if whoever runs that sees this, the girl from AZ isn't trollin', lol). Also, it seems like most of these meetups are in Wichita. I know lawrence/Olathe are kinda like... KC suburbs, so KC will probably be the closest to me, but are there as many lolitas there? and, I guess I may as well ask, any in Olathe or Lawrence? I know Lawrence is a college town so there is bound to be a couple.

Anyway I look forward to participating in the scene there if possible :) In Arizona it's over 100 degrees all summer so not practical lolita weather. It'll be nice going to a place that actually gets cold again (I love fall and late winter meetups!)